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Tachyon™ Introduces the 2010 Tachyon XC Helmet Cam

The world’s toughest helmet camera gets tougher.

DALLAS (August 1, 2009) – Tachyon™, Inc., the premier innovator of durable, extreme helmet cameras, has announced the launch of its latest digital, mountable camera, the 2010 Tachyon XC Helmet Camera. The 2010 XC features a patented shockproof design, wide field of view, superior light-gathering ability, a remote control, and the longest battery-powered recording time of any helmet camera on the market; up to 12 hours.

The 2010 XC can also be integrated into the world’s first affordable digital 3D video and still camera system.

Designed for filming action in extreme conditions, the 2010 XC is easy-to-use and comes with multiple mounting systems that can connect the camera to goggles, helmets, sporting equipment, dashboards and more, accommodating all adventure enthusiasts. With loss of video due to battery connection being the No. 1 helmet camera complaint, Tachyon developed and patented a shockproof battery system to keep the camera’s batteries locked and secure, so video can survive the shocks of the most adverse situations. Camera users can have peace-of-mind as they capture demanding and often once-in-a-lifetime extreme situations.

The 2010 XC boasts a high-dynamic image sensor and a 90 degree wide angle lens, matching the sweet spot of human vision, allowing users to capture clear, undistorted video in low-light situations or underwater. The 2010 XC is also the only helmet camera on the market that can accept the entire range of SDHC cards, from 4 to 32GB, allowing for an extended battery-powered recording time of up to 12 hours. The camera’s indoor light sensitivity, combined with Tachyon’s Green Power Pack (a rechargeable battery cartridge with wall socket and car light adaptors), gives the 2010 XC an additional function as a surveillance camera, nanny cam, scouting/hunting camera, or on-board accident camera.  Running in time-lapse photo mode, the XC can record up to 10 full days on a 32GB SDHC card.

Tachyon is committed to providing the highest quality, affordable helmet camera on the market,” said Ty Clark, marketing director for Tachyon, Inc. “The 2010 Tachyon XC was born out of our desire to refine and extend our camera’s features, fulfill customer requests, and to remain the leader in the helmet camera industry.”

Tachyon is also taking affordable digital cameras into a new dimension with the Tachyon XC 3D system. Tachyon’s 3D system includes two XC cameras, a 3D mount, 3D glasses and Tachyon’s proprietary 3D Movie Maker software (for Mac or Windows) that integrates the right and the left video files into a single 3D video that can be uploaded onto popular video sharing sites. 3D video clips are compatible with and may be further combined and edited in common video editing software.

We’re constantly looking to stretch technological boundaries and bring the impossible to consumers at an affordable price,” said Chris Whitehouse, creative director for Tachyon, Inc. “3D is exploding right now, with talented directors such as Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, James Cameron and Peter Jackson pushing the medium.  We figured why shouldn’t everyone be able to shoot in 3D and create their own amazing videos? After all, the world is 3D.”

The 2010 Tachyon XC can be purchased for $179.99. The Tachyon XC 3D System, consisting of two complete XC packages, plus a 3D mount, 3D glasses, and Tachyon’s 3D Movie Maker software, will be available for $379.99.  To ensure the earliest delivery, Tachyon is now accepting orders for the 2010 Tachyon XC and the Tachyon XC 3D system at www.tachyoninc.com/XC2010.html
Cameras will be shipped no later than Sept. 16, 2009.

About Tachyon, Inc.
Lewisville, TX based Tachyon™ Inc., is the premier innovator of durable, extreme helmet cameras.  The Tachyon XC’s ease-of-use, durability, recording time and quality, and integrated waterproofing design make Tachyon the trusted and go-to helmet camera source for people who engage in a wide-range of extreme activities. For additional information, please visit www.tachyoninc.com.

2010 Tachyon XC Facts:

Size and Ease of Use

  • The Tachyon XC easily fits into the palm of your hand and weighs just 5.5 oz (including lithium batteries).  The Tachyon XC offers multiple mounting capabilities, from helmets and goggles, to handlebars and dashboards.  Its remote control can easily start and stop recording even when wearing gloves.

Durability and Reliability

  • The XC's patented shockproof system ensures that videos will not be lost because of loose batteries.  (a very common problem with other helmet cameras).
  • The XC's high-impact construction gives you the confidence that even if you end up wrong-side down, your camera will still be running when you get back up.


  • Tachyon XC's integrated waterproofing design means that you can shoot video on the beach or your boat and then jump into the water and head straight down to film in the depths of the sea.  No external waterproof casing is required.
  • This waterproofing also protects the camera against spray, mud, grease, rain and snow.
  • Extreme Facts:
    • The Isles of Capri Fire and Rescue Team has successfully recorded video at a depth of 47 feet and is currently testing at even deeper depths..

Recording Time & Video Quality

  • The XC's high-dynamic image sensor takes video of excellent quality, whether in the bright sunlight or in normal indoor lighting.
  • Tachyon XC's wide-angle lens most closely matches the sweet spot of human vision, giving the user a wide field of view without unnatural distortion.
  • The XC is the only helmet camera on the market that can use the full range of SDHC memory cards; from 4 to 32GB.
  • And because the XC can make use of these bigger cards , its video files are recorded without the same compression that other cameras need to fit video onto their smaller cards.  This results in better quality video for XC users.

Optional Rechargeable Green Power Pack

  • The XC's optional rechargeable Green Power Pack (battery pack) saves on battery cost and produces less environmental damage.  It also functions as an uninterruptable power source when connected to a wall socket or a car lighter adaptor. 

Time Lapse Mode

  • Along with great video, the Tachyon XC's still-photo mode now shoots in time lapse; one photo every second.  This makes the XC the perfect tool for security (at home or on the road), scouting/hunting, nanny watching, time-lapse movies, and other special effects.
  • Extreme Facts:
    • With your Tachyon XC plugged in with the Green Power Pack, and using a 32GB SDHC card, you could record and save up to 240 hours (10 full days) of time-lapse photos.


  • The Tachyon XC connects to a computer, via a USB cable, and to TVs (NTSC & PAL), with TV cables.  Both are included.  Mac users may need a USB card reader to transfer files to their computers.
  • The recorded video files are in the common .AVI format and are easily editable with most video editing programs.  They can be then uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, and other video sharing sites.

Tachyon XC 3D Video System - a  World's first for non-professional film makers

  • Now, with the Tachyon XC 3D System,  you can shoot and edit your own digital 3D videos without spending many hundreds or thousands of dollars and many more hours rigging your own mounting system, syncing your cameras, and creating your own software to edit 3D video.
  • By combining two Tachyon XC helmet cameras with an easy-to-use 3D mount and user friendly editing software, anybody can relive magical moments in true 3D. Edited 3D clips can be further combined and edited with common editing software. 
  • The 3D system is just as waterproof as the single XC camera, letting you take amazing underwater 3D video.
  • The 3D System can be controlled with the remote control in the same way as the single Tachyon XC camera.

The Tachyon XC 3D System is:

• 2 complete Tachyon XC packages
• 3D Helmet/Tripod/Table Mount
• 3D Glasses (6 Pairs)
• 3D Video Editing Software

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