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Tachyon XC Paintball Cam Helmet Cams for Paintball

The World’s Largest Paintball Event Partners with the World’s Toughest Helmet Camera!

Tachyon was there and we shot a LOT of footage. And we would like to thank our Tachyon helmet cam users at the event for giving us a lot more. Their footage will be edited in with ours to make a series of great videos covering several days of battle in Oklahoma.

On the right, check out our videos from Oklahoma D-Day. On the top is the incredible Omaha Beach scenario, and on the bottom, the Bridges and Bangalores scenario.
"Thank you to Tachyon XC for making the best cameras I've used at paintball. They're tough and they don't break."


Paintball Helmet Camera Videos

Tachyon's range of helmet cams are ideal for filming your paintball battles. They are easily mounted on your masks or guns. They are light, strong, and very easy to control.

Did you know that the world's most viewed Airsoft video channel uses Tachyon helmet cams for filming?

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